In the various modern applications of vacuum technology, the presence of a low temperature surface in a vacuum system is very common. The behaviour of such a system is often determined by the physical process at the cold surface. At this workshop, the physical basis of gas-surface processes at the cold surface and related phenomena will be discussed.

This is a workshop which is intended to provide a forum for intense debate and discussion between a small number of experts in the field of science and technology of cryogenic vacuum systems. The workshop will be organized as follows: Oral presentations will be given by invited speakers, 50 min in length including discussion. Posters will be presented by the other participants and will be displayed during the workshop for discussion. The number of posters will be 25 at the most. Poster presentations are selected by the program committee on the basis of their expertise on the topics. All delegates will stay at the same hotel together.

Dates :

August 17-21, 2016
As a satellite workshop of IVC-20 at Busan, Korea in August 21-26, 2016.

Venue :

Kasugai View Hotel
Fuefuki-city, Yamanashi-pref., 406-0015, Japan.
100 km west (90 min. by train) from Tokyo.
A wine-producing district surrounded by mountains, Mt. Fuji, etc.

Last update : 2016.09.06